10 easy steps to make your Hip Hop music sound professional

  1. Purchase a Laptop, Microphone, and a Converter

    These three things are your most essential pieces in taking the next step towards better production of your music. Without them, it will be extremely hard to make quality music.

  2. Download Logic ProX or Pro Tools on your laptop

    These two audio apps will allow you to mix the beat that you are using for your song with the vocals you have for that beat.The apps may look like a lot to tackle, but after spending a couple days on it you should be able to understand the ins and outs of the applications pretty fast. It walks you through the basics and if that isn’t enough, then youtube has plenty of tutorials on how to work it.

  3. Find a nice quiet place to record

    This is a very vital step in this process, as the microphone picks up just about every noise in the recording process. As an artist, you don’t want any unnecessary noises in your creation as they can mess up the rhythm or flow of the beat or your vocals. Examples of thing’s that may cause a disruption that most people don’t tend to notice are fans, AC units, dogs, kids, heaters, and background talking. There are many other examples of noises that can be picked up by the microphone but your best bet is just to try and find the quietest place to set up your equipment.

  4. Find a beat

    There are millions of beats to choose from. Find the right beat that best suits the sound you are trying to portray and figure out how to either lease the beat or how to buy the exclusive rights. You have to be extremely careful and make sure that you are purchasing the rights to use the beat that you like if you plan to post the music to streaming platforms that produce income.

  5. Load the beat to either Logic ProX or Pro Tools

    There are many different types of ways to load a beat onto these applications. It just depends on where the beat is coming from. If the beat is on youtube then you would have to use a converter that takes a youtube beat and makes it a MP3. This makes it downloadable and allows you to drag and drop the MP3 right on to your applications file. If the beat is sent to your email from a producer, then all you have to do is open the attachment and download it to a MP3 file and then drag and drop it onto the application. As long as the file can be converted into a MP3 file it can be used on the applications.

  6. Record your lyrics on top of the beat

    You’ve already learned how to use these applications (Logic ProX and Pro Tools) by toying around with the application or from watching tutorials on youtube. Now just take the information you learned and use it to record on your application. You should already have your lyrics in place for the beat. Or, if you’re like me, you can freestyle if you just want to go with the flow.

  7. Mix your lyrical audio to blend in well with the beat

    This is one of the most important steps. This is where you hear most artist music begin to sound like they are either at Atlantic studios, as opposed to being in a telephone booth. The best advice I can relay when blending the vocals with the beat is to figure out how to use the equalizer on the application, and how to use reverb on your vocals. These two things are the difference between mediocre music and quality music. Make sure you voice isn’t too much over the beat, and make sure that it’s not too much under the beat. Keep adjusting it until you find the perfect place for it to sit!

  8. Master your lyrical audio to blend in well with the beat

    Services such as Landr and Cloudbounce allow you to just drag your mixed MP3 to their website or app, and they’ll master it for you. In just minutes! Mastering allows your music to be just the right volume, and these applications allow you to cross reference your track with famous tracks that are classified as the premium in today’s society.

  9. Send the song to three friends

    This allows room for critique and constructive criticism. Everyone listens to music, so your friends should be able to tell you what the plus’ and deltas of your music and point out either how it is good compared to the standard, or what it is lacking. Be sure to let your friends know that your feelings wont be hurt in the process. Personally, I’d rather be told from a close friend that my music is bad than to be told by the world when I release it.

  10. Do it over and over until you get better

    Repeat this process until you become a masterful engineer

Thank you so much for making it through the 10 list success guide. I put my heart and soul into my musical techniques and I hope that this gives you the opportunity to as well.