Why Logic Pro X is recommended over Pro Tools

Logic Pro X and Pro Tools are similar apps that take place in the production of music.

It allows the user to create beats, vocals, and mix pre existing tracks into something different.

Logic Pro X is better than Pro Tools for numerous reasons.

For starters, Logic is the easier of the two to learn. When I first started using Logic I was completely lost, and had no idea on how to work it.

I had seen my brother use it in the past so I recognized the layout, but had no idea how to make music come to life. Upon entering Logic they give you a short run down on how things work and give you a tour through the basics of the platform. This was very helpful as it taught me how to record, where to go to find,  and how to find certain plug ins make your voice sound better.

This held me down for the basics and guided me through the rough patch of not knowing anything, but the true teacher for me was youtube.

I googled “how to work Logic” and of course in the day and age we are in now, a large amount of videos appeared. I began watching different videos on the ins and outs of Logic, and the videos didn’t make me an expert of the jump, but it did set me up for success.

The key to being successful in Logic is learning the shortcuts. What I did was take all of the shortcuts and wrote them down on a piece of paper. There are way to many to remember, so this was the only option.

Once your working in the application then you can just keep the paper next to you and refer to it until you’ve burned the information into your head.

Before I became an audio engineer I travelled from studio to studio, trying to record songs, and the one I want to focus on, is the one I went to in New York my freshman and sophomore year of college. The engineer there used Pro Tools, and I watched him use it almost everyday and never was able to catch on to how to work the software. Logic Forever!

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