Further steps on how to make the most out of your Logic X Pro application

Waves is one of the main keys to my success as an audio engineer

Waves is a package of plugins that come either in a bundle, or certain plug ins can be purchased a la carte or sold individually. 

What are plug ins?

Plug ins are add ons that can be purchased that, once applied, enhance the presentation of the artist voice, the instruments being used, or any beat that is being used.

I personally am still learning which plug ins work the best for each scenario.

No one song is the same. So as the a self taught engineer, I have to judge which songs need which plug ins.

Logic Pro X does come with its own plug ins already. And some of them are very good

I personally found that the pricing for the Waves plug ins are worth the payment due to how much better they sound compared to Logic’s free plug ins.

The main Plug ins I personally tend to use are Trueverb, Autotune EFX, AutoKey, H-delay, And Slow Chorus. 

These plug ins have turned my own music into a beauty, and has built quiet a few numbers of fans to have under my belt for my artistry resume. I’ve always dreamed of being a big star. Whether that comes from the music I create with my own voice, or if it comes from the music I help others create.

Either way i’m sure the world will recognize my love and passion for the industry, and that the world will be able to know “ScoobyDrew’s” name soon.

I would like to personally thank everyone who reads my blog, and If you have any questions, feel free to follow me on Twitter (@Scoobydrew___) or Instagram (@ScoobyDrew____). I’d be happy to help anyone with further questions grow into a better music maker. Im still learning more myself, and if you have any information you could share with me i’d be extremely happy to listen.

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