Whats the best laptop to buy when making music

For starters, Any MacBook would work if you are trying to engineer.

MacBook’s come equipped with an application called Garageband, which essentially is a similar service to Logic X Pro and Pro Tools. GarageBand is suitable, but for the best product, I recommend Logic X Pro. Logic X Pro was created by Apple inc. Which means that it is at its peak performance when used on a MacBook

There are different types of computers that Apple offers. There’s the MacBook Pro, the MacBook Air, and the IMac. All three of these would be suitable for the application of Logic.

I personally have the MacBook Air. Which has been of amazing use for me. The only advice I would give to anyone who wants to buy a MacBook Air, is to make sure that you purchase an external hard drive that has the ability to store data. The MacBook Air comes with limited space, unless you upgrade the gigabytes that it can hold upon the purchase.

It’s funny, because on Sunday, I plan to upgrade from my MacBook Air. Im going to get a MacBook Pro, which has more RAM, and more gigabytes of storage.

The MacBook Air I’ve had is 4 years old. Which is not bad, but for how much music I create, I need a laptop with more space and more Ram.

Logic X Pro can be used on other types of laptops (Dell, HP, Microsoft), but it works the best with an Apple product.

So any form of Apple computer works best with the Logic X Pro application, and I’ve had a wonderful experience in doing so.

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