The best music store to shop at for an upcoming engineer

There are many different types of music stores out there.

Im positive that I haven’t been to all of them, but I do have my personal recommendations.

My first suggestion would be none other then the store Guitar Center

Guitar Center has all of the tools an engineer would need. If you’re not sure exactly what you would need as an engineer, then you could go to one of my previous post that breaks it down into depth.

The reason I personally prefer Guitar Center over other musical stores is due to the low prices they have for products that are sold for higher prices elsewhere.

The workers that work there have always been extremely polite and helpful as i’ve attempted to search for the items I needed, offering assistance and answering questions i’ve had about particular products.

Highly recommended store, their services products and prices are definitely top tier.


The next store that i’d recommend to an upcoming engineer is Chuck Levins.

The reason I recommended this store second is because their prices are just a little bit more then Guitar Center’s. Please don’t let that discourage you though.

Chuck Levins has amazing staff, that are very in sync with the musical industry.
The quality of their equipment is top tier.

Chuck Levins is the, for sure most reliable store in the market. They always have more than enough of their items stocked, so you don’t have to worry about waiting for your product to get to the store.

Im actually going to Chuck Levins this weekend to rebuy all of my studio equipment. I’ll probably post a video about an unboxing of my equipment, and how exactly to hook all of it up.

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